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Quote: "During the time it takes me to write this intro (approx. one minute), 42,000 people will update their Facebook status, 36,000 tweets will be sent, and fifteen hours of video will be uploaded to YouTube." -Betty Ray

Blogs in Plain English (video)
Getting Started with Blogger
Blogger Video Tutorial (You Tube)
Take a Tour of Blogger
How to remove the Navbar


Wikipedia (Video-Office)
Educational Wikis
Wikis in Plain English (video)
Wikispaces for Educators (Sign up for a wiki)
How to Use a Wiki (Help getting started)
Wikipedia for Schools
Teaching the Civil War with Technology
WIki for Site Discovery Leaders (Newport-Mesa)
Joseph Lawlor- Let the Kids do the Work (Article)

Google Docs

Google Docs in Plain English (video)
How to Use Google Docs

Blogs, WIkis, and Google Docs- Comparison Chart (Created by Mark Wagner)
(PDF file of above doc- adapted by Jenith Mishne)
Blogs, Wikis and Google Docs-V2 (Word version in Google Docs of above doc- adapted by Jenith Mishne)