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Collaborative Writing Assignment

Google Docs in English

CLMS 2009 Presentation

Google Accounts

Google Docs Quick Start Guide
Tips for Sharing Docs

Using Google Docs

Examples of Google Docs in School

  • Assessments
    • Feedback, reflections from staff training
    • Quizzes for classes: forms + conditional formatting
    • Collaboration drives action and follow through
  • Collaborative Writing
    • Staff-to-staff: Sharing lesson plans
    • Student-to-staff: Sharing writing and poetry
    • Student-to-student: Teamwork on essays
  • Planning
    • Action plan templates: who's responsible etc.
    • Lesson plan 2.0: using Docs, includes links, different contact lists for students
    • Tracking large projects, groups (mentoring groups)
  • Meetings and presentations
    • Notes through docs: agenda, action items
    • Presentations can be viewed anytime
  • Referrals
    • Tech support: forms + notifications
    • Students are easily referred, teachers know immediately
    • Parents can monitor forms
  • Praise list
    • Student/teacher shout-outs
  • Scheduling and coordination
    • Using Forms, Spreadsheets, Calendar
  • Sites to share files and documents
    • Easy to build
    • Embed calendars, pictures

Download Getting Started Guide

Download Google Docs Cribsheet

Tips for Collaborative writing

Using Google Spreadsheets

  • Share science experiment data
  • Gather any kind of data
  • Forms

Using Google Presentations

  • Create group presentation
  • Share ppt with others

Lesson Plan Ideas from Google Theater at NECC

Google Docs in Plain English (video)
How to Use Google Docs

Blogs, WIkis, and Google Docs- Comparison Chart (Created by Mark Wagner)
external image pdf.png Blogs_wikis_docs_v2.pdf (PDF file of above doc- adapted by Jenith Mishne)
Blogs, Wikis and Google Docs-V2 (Word version in Google Docs of above doc- adapted by Jenith Mishne)


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