My Grandma, Mom, & Sister (1965)

Digital Storytelling

We all have a story to tell inside of us. Give students and teachers the opportunity to find their voice and share it with family and friends.

What is Digital Storytelling:
The ancient art of oral storytelling and modern multimedia to deliver tales using images, graphics, music, sound and voice.
A fantastic educational medium that takes teaching and learning to a new level


A Time Period in American History
Chasing Metaphors
Immigrant's Journey
More Samples

Elements of a Digital Story

  1. Narrator’s Point of View/Purpose
  2. A Dramatic Question
  3. Choice of Content
  4. Clarity of Voice
  5. Meaningful Soundtrack
  6. Economy of the Story Detail
  7. Pacing of the Narrative

Student Literacy

  • Digital Literacy
  • Global Literacy
  • Technology Literacy
  • Visual Literacy
  • Information Literacy

Types of Digital Stories

  • Narrative

    • Character Stories
    • Memorial Stories
    • Other Personal Stories
    • Stories about
      • Places in Our Lives
      • Events in Our Lives
      • What We Do
  • Expository

    • Examination of Historical Themes and Events
      • Based on Material Students Explore
      • Facilitates Research and Organizational Skills
      • Needs to Go Beyond the Digitized “MTV Video” or the “Encyclopedia Entry”*
  • Informational

    • Stories that Inform or Instruct

The Process

  • Develop Idea/Story
  • Choose Images/Pictures
  • Create Storyboard
  • Write Script
  • Record Audio
  • Add Titles, Transitions, Effects
  • Add Music
  • Export

Class Activity


If you want to publish a Digital Story — say, put it on a website or a CD for sale — then you must be very careful not to make it with ingredients (pictures, music, sound effects, words, video/film footage etc.) which are not your own as it's easy to flout the laws of copyright and get yourself into trouble. If you absolutely must use assets generated by other people in your story, then the law requires that you get their permission before you publish.


Images & Audio

(Be sure to check for Copyright friendly sites or know your copyright law.)
A-Z Lyrics
Creative Commons
Freeplay Music (Instrumental Only) Copyright friendly
Hall Davidson (Media Guru)
Kitzu Copyright friendly
Morpheus Software Morph yourself
Movie Sounds
Sound America (Not all content is appropriate) Copyright friendly
Sound Effects

Digital Storytelling

Adding Impact to Digital Stories
Adobe Digital Kids Club
Center for Digital Storytelling
BBC-About Wales
Digital Stories in ePortfolios
KQED Digital Storytelling Initiative
Jason Ohler
We Feel Fine (For Fun)

Microsoft Moviemaker

Atomiclearning Tutorials
Getting Started
Georgia Movie Academy Henderson Middle School
More Moviemaker info
DVD Authoring Software


Google Video

Video Upload/Conversion