Collaboratively Preparing for Common Core (NEW)

Learn how Newport-Mesa USD has been collaborating with K-12 teachers to create units of study and move from California State Standards to Common Core State Standards. Over the past 16 months, teachers have come together more than 25 days to collaborate and create units of study that will engage our students and prepare them for their future.

Taking the Fear Out of Technology (NEW)

Are you a thinker or a doer? Do you just jump in and assume you will figure it out on the way, or does fear stop you in your tracks? Besides technology, this could apply to anything new or unknown. In today's societies, our toddlers are using smartphones and tablet devices with little difficulty - why? Because they have no fear, it is just part of their world. Well, the truth is, it is part of your world too and with a little knowledge and less fear you could be navigating the Internet Highway with ease. During this presentation, I will share some tips and tricks for reducing your fear of technology and using it in your everyday life.

More or Less 50 Tools Every Teacher Should Know About (NEW)

There are so many educational tools that are available to teachers and students it is hard to keep up. Here is a list of some of my favorites as well as some that are just picking up speed.
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Flip Your Classroom! (NEW)

Learn what the flipped classroom model is and how it can benefit your classroom.
What is a Flipped Classroom? A reversed teaching model that delivers instruction at home through interactive, teacher-created videos and moves “homework” to the classroom. Moving lectures outside of the classroom allows teachers to spend more 1:1 time with each student. Students have the opportunity to ask questions and work through problems with the guidance of their teachers and the support of their peers - creating a collaborative learning environment.

Blogs, WIkis and Docs: Which One is Right For You?

Learn the difference between these three tools. Find out which one is for you. See examples of how these are used in educational settings.


Where do you go for information and sharing of knowledge? Who influences your knowledge? Imagine a place where you could go and ask any question and get immediate feedback? Twitter is a tool that does just that and in only 140 characters or less. Come learn how to use twitter to create your personal learning network.

Go Paperless with Your PLCs: Communicate, Collaborate, Connect Using Google Docs

Participants will learn how to use Google Docs to support professional learning communities. Come and hear how one school is implementing this to keep track of intervention strategies in preparation for the RTI process.

Communicate, Collaborate, Connect-Using Google Docs

Working with colleagues, using hands on experiential learning discover how Google Documents can be a tool to communicate, collaborate and connect student learning in a classroom. Plan ways to use Google documents to freely share files, store student work, collaborate on projects using shared files.

Digital Storytelling-Using Moviemaker

Learn ways to use images, videos, and audio to tell a story. Digital Storytelling helps students organize ideas as they learn to create stories for an audience, and present ideas and knowledge in an individual and meaningful way. Students can create movies and slideshows with titles, transitions, music and narration.

Learning 2.0- Web Based Apps for the Classroom

Have you heard about web 2.0 tools? Wondering what all the hype is about? Come learn about free web based tools for the classroom and how to use them.

Presentations Tools & Tips

Links and resources to assure a visually appealing and exciting presentation. No more DEATH by PowerPoint!

SMARTBoards in Your Curriculum

Learn the basics of the SMARTBoard interactive whiteboard. You will learn how to use the SMARTBoard effectively, how to work with applications such as Microsoft Office Suite and how to use Notebook software to create presentations that are enriched with graphic detail and interactivity.

You Tube, Teacher Tube, School Tube?

Learn about posting video to the web and all the free tools out there to do it.