CLMS Presentation 2009

Twitter for Educators

25 Ways to Teach with Twitter
Collaborative Writing-140 Characters at a Time
Many Voices- A book written by Elementary Students Using Twitter
Sue Waters-PLN Yourself- What is Twitter
Teachers Who Use Twitter with their Students-Google Doc
Twitter for Teachers
Twitter Handbook for Teachers
Twitter-Classroom Technology
Twitter in the Classroom
Twitter Transforms Teaching
Using Twitter as an Educational Tool

Twitter Tips

Cheat Sheet
Twitter Guidebook
How Do I Know if My Twitter Account is Compromised?
10 Tips for Managing Twitter as Your Usage Increases
Guy Kawasaki-How I Tweet
Six Ways You Should Be Using Twitter (That Don't Involve Breakfast)
Top 10 Rules of Twitter Etiquette
Twitter Tips for Beginners
Twitter in Plain English -Common Craft
The Ultimate Guide for Everything Twitter -Part 2
"Where Do You Learn?": Tweeting to Inform Learning Space Development
50 Things to Avoid When You Tweet

Twitter Apps & Websites

105 Examples of Clean and Minimal Twitter Apps More Twitter apps
Edmodo-alternative app to Twitter
Five Video Apps To put video on Twitter
iTweet- alternative to
Photoshop Template to customize your background Know how to use Photoshop- create your own background
TwitPoll- A simple Survey Twitter App Use this to take Poll on Twitter
Twitter Apps 101-A Review of Tweet Apps-bestof More Apps
Twitter Backgrounds Custom backgrounds Free
Twittereye-Directory of Resources for Users of Twitter
TwitterFall See what is going on right now on Twitter in an interesting way
Twittergrader Grade your Twitter Activity
Twitter Search Engine Search by keyword or #hashtags
Twitxy- Twitter at Work -access Twitter behind firewalls
Qwitter-Catching Twitter Qwitters
Yammer alternative app to Twitter
More Twitter Apps...Click her for a long list of Apps

Twitter Mobile Apps



  • Twitterberry
  • Blackbird

Windows Mobile

  • CeTwit
  • Twitula

Twitter Apps for Multiple Platforms

  • Tiny Twitter
  • Twibble

Twitter Articles and Humor

Feeling Tweety in "Web Site Story"
Following on Twitter - Quantity vs. Quality
Is Twitter the News Outlet for the 21st Century?
Michael Jackson's Death -Lesson for journalists
Research on Twitter
Social Network Adoption Rates- Derek Baird -Barking Robot
The 11 Types of Followers on Twitter
The 14 Types of Twitter Personalities
The Power of Twitter
The 10 Biggest Mistakes People Make on Twitter
Top 5 Twitter Songs on You Tube
Pew Internet-Twitter and Status Updating
Twitter vs. Facebook
Twitter on the Barricades: Six Lessons Learned